Coroplast Yard Signs

signlogo_outlinedCorrugated plastic yard signs are an inexpensive solution for all outdoor signage, whether it’s for campaigns, real estate or business marketing. Corrugated plastic yard signs are known for their strength and easy assembly.

Because of their durability, these corrugated plastic signs are perfect for lawn signs and yard signs. One of the advantages of advertising with corrugated plastic yard signs is that although they are lightweight, they are very sturdy.

These yard signs are virtually indestructible against weather conditions and are ideal for monroe_signlong-term use. Against the windy conditions of the central plains states, they give you more desirable results. Corrugated yard signs are the most logical choice for road signs (2×4 or larger).

Corrugated signs are ideal for quantities of 1-1,000, and can be produced through a screened process, or through direct digital printing, depending on quantities and the manner of printing desired.  They can be printed in a variety of sizes depending on local ordinances and your needs.

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