Dakota Campaign Store does postcards for candidates. And we do them very, very well.

Munsterman_frontPat Powers and the Dakota Campaign Store has been one of the largest providers of political postcards for Republican and non-partisan candidates in South Dakota for the past two election cycles. Why? Because we do them better than anyone else.

We’re loud and proud in our postcard marketing, helping candidates to stand out in the mailbox. Our 6×11 postcards are a perennial favorite, and the high gloss finish helps protect the card through the rigors of mail delivery.Fryslie_agfront_final

Postcards are a print marketing staple of many political election campaigns for good reason: They work, and they’re cheap to design, print and send. Despite these amazing benefits of the printed postcard, many candidates and campaign managers miss the boat when it comes to taking advantage of the full potential of postcards to deliver votes.

Sway public opinion your way and lay the foundation for a successful political campaign with Dakota Campaign Store’s custom postcards.

Call Pat Powers today at (605) 690-6853 or e-mail for pricing, more information, and to place your order today.